Master Of Camera

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Gian Luigi Carminati ist 76 Jahre jung und reparierte sein Leben lang Kameras. Mit Geduld und Leidenschaft kümmert er sich auch heute noch – in seiner kleinen Werkstatt in Mailand – um alte und reparaturbedürftige, analoge Kameras.

We spotted his workshop randomly, we just passed by his shop and we got curious since we saw so many old cameras on display. We got the chance to spend some time with him and he was happy to share with us topics like why the analog is still better than the digital, his 60 years old long relationship with photography and how technology shaped the approach to this art. Gian Luigi was happy to share with us lots of memories about his life and his job. We got immediately fascinated by his words and we decided to make a video with a ‘poetic touch’, that is keeping the poetry of his words and shop intact.

His analog way of life is so inspiring. He doesn’t have a website, doesn’t use a mobile phone, his store doesn’t have a proper sign and he’s never advertised his activity.
His only advertising is the word of mouth. And his business is very solid.

Dies ist ein wunderschönes, eher zufällig entstandenes Videoportrait über den liebenswerten, alten Herrn.



Kaffee immer schwarz. Punkrock und Tattoos. Nichts mit Menschen, dafür die See und die Berge. Und der Wald. Wanderlust. Bei jedem Wetter und überall.

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